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Hi there....I just joined. This seems like a lovely place.
I'm Jackie.. I'm a film student, but guitar is my first love and nothing else really gets me the way a great peice of music can. Played by the right kind of player of course. It goes without saying that Slash is a major favorite of mine (the guy plays and lives like he invented rock and roll! ). Even though I'm a girl, my first idols in life were larger than life men with guitars. I doubt anyone else will replace that. I wish I had been old enough to see the original GnR live, there was just something magical about that time fleeting though it may have been.... its good to see those guys alive and well and still playing great music, if not neccesarily together.

I have a quick question too...... Does anyone have a link to the picture that is the background/ icon for this community? It is ridiculously awesome!! ;) I MUST put it in my photobucket.

Nice to be joining you,
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